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Posted by Jerrell Powell on Aug 25, 2017 10:02:07 AM

At Trident, we pride ourselves on emphasizing the development of critical thinking skills. As part of our EdActive Learning Approach, we believe that one of the ways our students further develop and improve their critical thinking skills is through case application which often involves writing papers.  Whether you are an undergrad or graduate student at Trident, writing papers will make up a large part of your course load.

This can be a challenge for some students, regardless of educational background. Don’t worry if you need assistance - your instructor or Student Success Advisor can direct you to resources to help improve your writing.

I can relate to this challenge, as I am a student in Trident’s Master of Business Administration program myself.  To help you in this area, I have developed these five writing strategies that I’ve found to be helpful in my program:

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