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Posted by Daniel Sloan on Oct 17, 2016 2:32:15 PM

Dr. Alberto Llanes is a 2016 graduate of Trident’s Ph.D. in Business Administration program. He currently serves as the Chief Enterprise Architect for IRIS Health Solutions, LLC, supporting the Federal Health Architecture (FHA) as one of their two contractor Lead Enterprise Architects.

Trident: Since your time at Trident, have you made moves upward in your career? Or accomplished specific career goals?

Dr. Alberto Llanes: As a student at Trident my career progressed from chief technology officer of a small organization out of New York, through Lead Enterprise Architect at General Dynamics Information Technology, to Chief Enterprise Architect at IRIS Health Solutions, LLC. I’m better positioned to contribute to the betterment of our nation’s health system and have to give some of the credit to my learning at Trident University International. I am now a more disciplined critical thinker which has led to more career success.

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Posted by Daniel Sloan on Aug 15, 2016 5:51:49 AM

Emanuel “Manny” Sepulveda is a key player in Trident’s military and veteran education initiatives. As a Regional Manager of Strategic Military and Community Relations for the Mid-Atlantic Region, Sepulveda works with men and women with a military background who are seeking to further their education. As someone who’s made the same transition in the past, he understands the preparation needed to translate their success to the civilian world.

Born in Puerto Rico and raised in Hoboken, New Jersey, Sepulveda enlisted in the Navy in 1988. Throughout his time in the Navy, he earned two Navy Marine Corps Commendation Medals, nine Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medals, and various unit and campaign awards. He served on submarine duty in the Mediterranean and the Arctic and time as a counselor recruiter.

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Posted by Daniel Sloan on Aug 2, 2016 9:21:49 AM

“Life kept me so busy so I didn’t have time to look back. Then one day earlier this summer my dissertation committee – Dr. Frank Gomez, Dr. Bernice B. Rumala, and Dr. Welford Roberts started calling me Dr. Fernando. I had just completed my doctorate at Trident,” remarked the newly minted Ph.D., Dr. Wickramarachchige Sugath Rohitha Fernando.

Dr. Fernando’s beginnings were humble. He came from a small village in Sri Lanka, growing up on a tea plantation. Each day would begin with walking several miles to school, and although this journey may have been difficult, it helped to build perseverance and focus.

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Posted by Daniel Sloan on Jul 22, 2016 5:00:00 PM

When it comes to your career, social media can be a major asset – or a major hindrance. If leveraged correctly, you can use your LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook profiles to highlight your assets as a job candidate. 

During the Career Center’s April webinar, “Social Media for the Job Search,” we highlighted some of the most important things you should – and shouldn’t - be doing with your social profiles on these three networks.

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Posted by Daniel Sloan on Jun 20, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Deena Mullins, Regional Manager of Strategic Military and Community Relations for Trident, covers the South Central region of the United States. Residing in San Antonio, her home area includes the states of Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, and New Mexico. 

In her spare time, she is also involved in a local women’s veteran group, serves on the Student Health Advisory council for Northeast ISD as part of the Nutrition committee, and serves as a volunteer for various activities at her daughter’s school.

She is a veteran of the United States Army, both Active and Reserves, retiring as a Master Sergeant after 25 years of service in 2013. Positions she held while serving include Reserve Recruiter, Health Professionals Recruiter, Retention NCO, Trainer, District Operations, and Senior Reserve Component Career Counselor.

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Posted by Daniel Sloan on Jun 14, 2016 1:00:00 PM

Earning a doctorate degree is more hiking to the top of Mount Everest and less strolling through Central Park on a warm summer’s day. Students with the smarts and perseverance to reach the highest summit in academia still require a helping hand, and there is no better source of advice than someone who has previously completed this journey.

As part of their commitment to student success, Trident offers a Ph.D. Mentor program, which has been designed to help guide candidates to the completion of their doctorate. Dr. Carlos Cardillo, a professor in the College of Health and Human Services, serves as a Ph.D. Mentor.

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Posted by Daniel Sloan on May 17, 2016 6:33:18 PM

Research methods can be classified in two different categories – quantitative and qualitative. We looked at the former method in the past, so it’s time to shine some light on the qualitative method and how it fits into your dissertation or scholarly research that you’re performing.

While quantitative research requires the collection of numerical data, qualitative research attempts to understand a specific organization or event and does not involve the collection of a numerical sample from a population.

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Posted by Daniel Sloan on May 11, 2016 6:49:09 AM

Disorders of the brain – those “unseen diseases” – affect many millions of Americans from all walks of life. The men and women of the Armed Forces are not immune, with many returning from combat with some form of mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI), Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), or other forms of combat exposure. These disorders are difficult to treat, with researchers working hard to fill in the missing gaps of knowledge.

Trident Ph.D. in Health Sciences student Jeffrey Nagy is one of these researchers. Nagy, who was a combat medic for the United States Army, understands these realities all too well, which is why he is in a prime position to address some of these gaps.

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Posted by Daniel Sloan on May 5, 2016 6:38:52 PM

Valentine Cameron, a Regional Manager of Strategic Military and Community Relations for Trident, covers the Northeast region of the United States. He is a veteran of the United States Air Force, retiring after 24 years of service.

His leadership experience is extensive, covering some of the highest levels of the military, including work as a mission planner, planning multiple missions for the White House, Joints Chiefs of Staff, National Security Agency, and NASA. He also has high-level recruitment experience in the Air Force Recruitment Service, recruiting physicians, dentists, pilots, and engineers over the course of two wars.

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Posted by Daniel Sloan on Apr 12, 2016 2:56:10 PM

While the Flint water crisis can trace its origins back to April 2014, it has only become front page news in the past few months. This public health crisis was set in motion when the city of Flint, MI changed its water source from treated Detroit Water and Sewerage Department water to the Flint River.

This decision to make the switch, made by an emergency city manager appointed by Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, resulted in 6,000 to 12,000 children drinking water with a high level of lead, which will cost the city of Flint an estimated $100 million to resolve, according to WNEM. The highly polluted water from the Flint River caused lead from aging pipes to leak into the city’s water supply, and concerns were first raised by citizens in January 2015.

Dr. Frank Gomez, professor in the College of Health and Human Services, is one of Trident’s foremost experts in public health. He has a great deal of experience in this field, which includes serving as a lecturer and professor in health sciences and environmental health dating back to the ‘70s, serving on the State of California’s Environment Health Specialist Registration Committee, and professional studies and papers covering research areas like noise pollution, environmental health, wastewater, and air quality, among others.   

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